Flexible Circuit Technology, 4rd Edition
Chapter Summaries


Flexible Circuit Technology, 4th Edition provides the basic knowledge required to design, manufacture and use flexible circuits while avoiding many of the potential problems that may be encountered by those who attempt to learn from their own experiences. Previous editions of the book have proved a valuable resource for those new to the technology and have served as a quick reference for those with a working knowledge of flexible circuits and their applications.
Flexible circuit technology is squarely in the sights of circuit designers around the globe and is a key enabling technology for products ranging from simple consumer goods to extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is also opening new doors in the realm of high speed signal managements where higher performance is demanded while reduced power is required for products that are redefining and reshaping our collective thoughts about the possibilities in the world of electronic products.
Joseph Fjelstad, a world-renowned 40-year veteran of the electronics interconnection and packaging industry, compiled and edited Flexible Circuit Technology, 4th Edition and co-authored many of its chapters with some of the world’s leading and respected experts, including:

William E. Burdick                           Paul Reid
Kevin M. Durocher                          Vern Solberg
Werner Engelmaier                         Thomas Stearns
Thomas Gardeski                             Jan Vanfleteren
Happy Holden                                  Bob Wilis
Duane B. Mahnke                          

 This edition is significantly expanded over the 3rd Edition and subsequent Addendum, with additional chapters and content contributed by some of the industry’s best technologists. The book brings deserved attention to continuing advances in technology, provides more depth and detail than before and, for the first time, offers chapters on printed electronics and stretchable circuits (AKA elastronics), which are areas of high interest for present and future growth.