Divided into nine sessions, the Flexible Circuits Technology Training Video Series is a comprehensive view into the Structures, Applications, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes of flexible printed circuits.

Each session covers a specific aspect of flexible circuit technology. This video series is a companion to the book, Flexible Circuits Technology. Watch for the fourth edition coming soon in 2011.

Session Overview

  1. Brief history of flexible printed circuits and basic flex structures.
  2. Flex technology drivers, markets and applications.
  3. Flex circuit material, polymers, adhesives and conductors.
  4. Implementing flexible circuit technology into products.
  5. Flexible circuit designs, principles and practices.
  6. Enhancing flex circuit robustness, stiffeners for flex circuits, special design techniques.
  7. Design guidelines for bending, folding and dynamic movement of flexible circuits; test methods for evaluating cyclical flex life.
  8. Flexible circuit manufacturing. Single and double-sided, multilayer and rigid flex. Roll-to-roll processing and printed electronics.
  9. Flexible circuit singulation methods, assembly aids, solderless rigid flex constructions, connector options and assembly standards.
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